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California Equity Group is Silicon Valley's leading middle market merger and acquisition, business brokerage firm. As an M&A firm, our financial advisors have completed hundreds of transactions of privately held companies over the past 30 years. The principals at CEG have been initiating and executing complex transactions for entrepreneurial companies combining our financial, legal, tax, and transactional structuring skills. These companies have either been acquired by, or merged with, public companies, private investment groups, entrepreneur groups and/or individual entrepreneurs, all of which were identified from our extensive database of buyers worldwide. Our typical middle market transaction size is $1 million to $100 million dollars.

Over the years, our firm has developed strong relationships with companies and individuals that are ancillary to the M&A process including banks, mezzanine lenders, asset lenders, transaction attorneys, certified public accountants, and financial planners. We are also affiliate members of many leading middle market merger & acquisition network associations.

Company Divestiture, Merger or Sale

The sale, merger, or divestiture of a company is often a personal venture. We differentiate ourselves from other merger & acquisition firms by providing hands-on transaction support from seasoned M&A professionals. For instance, we are selective in our engagements, accepting only those where we can add significant value for the ownership of the company. We limit the number of concurrent engagements in order to devote the time and resources necessary to produce superior results. We are a “take charge” aggressive M&A firm receiving compensation commensurate with the results we produce. We have no junior associates learning the M&A business at the expense of our clients.

Our financial advisors manage the selling process from beginning to end. We act as the exclusive confidential representatives of your company by initially assisting you, and your senior management designates, with the development of key strategic, operational, and financial assessments to maximize your company’s value. Once those strategies have been implemented, our team will develop a comprehensive Memorandum of Offering.

Marketing Seller Companies


As business brokers, our financial advisors confidentially seek out suitable acquisition and/or merger candidates from our extensive database of buyers, through our M&A affiliates around the world, and through traditional marketing channels. We negotiate all of the transaction deal points and we work closely with accounting and legal counsel throughout the entire transaction process through closing.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

“As the dust has settled, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your representation of me with the sale of Spinnaker Microwave. I was eager to move on with my retirement, yet had run aground with my efforts to sell the company to Spinnaker’s second in command. From valuation metrics to forecasting future earnings, he and I just couldn’t agree on a plan.

You all agreed to the assignment, marketed the Company, all the while educating my second in command on valuation methodology. There were many moving parts that created a significant amount of uncertainty—a tax audit, customer concentration with questionable future sales, as well as the overall business climate. Further, the prior discussions between me and my successor had created a level of animosity. There were some extremely complicated tax issues that arose in the audit. You researched and found an attorney with all the requisite experience and knowledge to advise us—advice that without, we just could not have moved forward with the sale. You considered all these variables and created a sale structure that addressed all parties’ concerns.

The sale was successful and fair, and I am wholly satisfied with the results. You worked diligently and tirelessly, and closed the deal in short order, most importantly, before year end when I anticipated tax rates would materially change.

Thank you for your hard work and high level of professionalism. I really appreciate it.”

Ernest Bertram, Spinnaker Microwave