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The most critical step in planning an Exit Strategy from your company is determining your company’s market value and how that value relates to your plans for exiting. The financial advisors at California Equity Group are specialists in ascertaining the value of your business using traditional appraisal methods coupled with our extensive database of past transactions and business brokerage industry data. The appraisal process followed by CEG advisors is a well-developed algorithm which provides the ownership of a company with the critical path to the decision of whether or not their company is positioned to sell for its maximum value.

Comprehensive Company Analysis

With the assistance of your financial advisor, you or your management designates will complete an extensive questionnaire about your company including its history and organization, its markets, its products and customers, its competition, its assets, and organization and personnel. This crucial step is fundamental to the development of further CEG research and analysis.

Marketing Research


We perform comprehensive market research to establish industry-specific historical and financial performance ratios along with overall industry trends and current market conditions. The market research further assists us in ascertaining any potential growth opportunities for your company as well as serving as a basis for analyzing the financial status of your company.

Financial Statement Adjustments

The final and most important step in the valuation process is the financial statements analysis. Traditionally prepared financial statements generally do not reflect a company’s actual asset value, its true earning capacity, or its true financial performance. Your CEG financial advisor will work at length with you to re-state and re-cast the financial statements of your company so as to maximize the value obtained for the business.

Valuation Opinion

The result of this process is a CEG Valuation Opinion. Our opinion is based upon a comprehensive company analysis, thorough market research and financial statement analysis and adjustments that will provide the ownership of the company with the maximum market value obtainable.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

“ As a transaction attorney, I have handled hundreds of mergers and acquisitions, and I understand the difference between a financial advisor and a business broker. A financial advisor is an integral part of the professional team representing an acquiring or target company, who (i) analyzes the situation, (ii) assists the client’s understanding of the company’s value, (iii) objectively evaluates the risks and rewards of the transaction, (iv) facilitates the consummation of the transaction, and (v) maximizes value.

There are very few true financial advisors in Northern California who have these skill sets and meet these high standards. Clarence Stone of California Equity Group is one of the top financial advisors in Northern California serving the middle market. In one instance working with him, a privately held selling company was economically disadvantaged due to the size and strength of the publicly held acquiring corporation. Through Clarence’s ability to communicate the seller’s value to the acquire; his marshalling of resources, including myself and the other professional advisors; and his negotiation skills, Clarence Stone was able to turn the tables on the acquire and reap substantial additional consideration for the seller shareholders. It was one of the finest examples of a financial advisor I have seen in quite some time.

The highest compliment I can pay Clarence Stone is the continued referral of clients for his objectivity, communication skills, insight, and creative solutions.”

Bernard Vogel III, Silicon Valley Law Group